Love Aaj Kal – A Wobbly Tale

There are times when you enter a place and you feel the vibe so strong that it leaves you anxious. A vibe so palpable, that it doesn’t leave any chance/ room for an opinion otherwise. You know it in your heart something won’t be right about the unfolding events. As soon the Rumi quote appears on the screen, you dread “Love Aaj Kal” will be treading on a thin wire where it’ll topple itself to a side you didn’t want it to fall at. And that’s simply because you know the director is going to unfold a web of complex emotions being portrayed by two amateur actors who clearly won’t know how to deal with layered and nuanced writing of Imtiaz Ali. “Love Aaj Kal” in its truest cinematic language is not a bad movie. It’s an experience ruined by the leads who fail to drive the character envisioned coupled with not being able to justify the intent of the scene(s). You are perhaps expected to:
1. Overlook the fact that the leads will not be able to carry the plot on their shoulders
2. Enter the theatre hall unbiased, unadulterated with the opinions of a love story in 2020 AND/OR
3. Push your subconscious mind to transcend beyond the on-screen antics and hear out Imtiaz Ali’s point of view.

Randeep Hooda is exactly the actor you want on screen every time you feel disconnected with the inner worlds of the leads. He has maximised his presence in the screen time offered to him. The music coupled with the colours weave a soothing marquee of visuals. For its moments, intent and Randeep Hooda, “Love Aaj Kal” should be experienced at least once. #bollywood #loveaajkal

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