Chhichhore – Almost Nostalgic!

For people born in 90s: Pretty sure everyone remembers a TV set in their homes which would only broadcast Doordarshan. Now the deal with those TVs was that if you didn’t have a great antenna connection (which almost all of us didn’t have) there will be a moment where you’re watching your favourite show and there’ll be a glitch at the peak of the episode/ sequence you’re watching. And THAT would be frustrating!

For people born in in 2000s: When you’re ‘acclimatized’ to somebody like Nitesh Tiwari, you expect character arcs, plot structure with seamless build up and a great story which you can relish after finishing your bucket of pop corn. However, if you catch a show of his latest called ‘Chhichhore’, you may be transported to a scenario where you experience the ’90s’ glitch. A perfect premise, a perfect message but just when you realise he has it, you start finding those. Chhichhore is a nostalgic treat if you haven’t caught up with your friends in a long time or you haven’t watched a “back-in-time’ movie in a long while. It’ll take you to that touching trip which your heart yearns for. BUT (yes caps lock BUT) if you are someone who digs deeper in storytelling, you’ll eventually feel, that the 6 friends nearly miss the “heartfelt connection” which strikes a chord in your heart. And that is simply because ‘Chhichhore’ doesn’t allow the characters to build up/ develop. It’s in an unknown hurry where it wants to find the climax. Naveen Polishetty, Saharsh Kumar Shukla & Tahir Raj Bhasin give compelling performances. Rohit Chauhan as #crisscross will win your heart even with his quick on-screen presence. Overall, chhichhore is a definite one-time trip which your heart should take! #chhichhore #bollywood

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