Gully Boy – A mic-drop saga!

“Confidence Outfit”: The attire which makes you feel strong right at the centre of your head and chest. The deal with confidence outfit is that it never wears out. It keeps you levelled and at your best. And perhaps, this lady was wearing the best of her confidence outfits when she embarked the journey of the ever-lasting “Gully Boy”. Take a bow Zoya Akhtar. You have single-handedly steered Hindi cinema to the driveway of exquisiteness. The 153 min world of Indian rap scene is authentic and a force to reckon with. Gully boy isn’t your average melodramatic inspirational film. The beauty lies when you realise that the movie doesn’t topple the lines of being endearing. Ranveer Singh is relentless and crafty and delivers his career-best (up until now). But Siddhant Chaturvedi! Oh boy. This man is a treasure find. His performance is on-point, staggering and strong to his character’s inner world. Karan Mally and Nandini Shrikent might just have wiped a happy tear. For the captivating worlds, immaculate characterzation, brilliant direction and ek number on-screen performances, Gully Boy is booooot harrrrdd to miss bhaaaaii. #gullyboy #bollywood

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