October – The Lingering Moment

A peppermint or a simple toffee! The idea behind enjoying any of these is to let them melt or move them a bit back and forth inside your mouth and let your taste buds gradually brush each layer of the sugary coat. If you chew them, it’s a total waste. That sweetness needs to linger. It’s like when you play a key on the piano, you want to get close to the space where the sound originates from and feel the ‘aftertune’. Shoojit Sircar’s “October” is that cinematic ‘aftertune’ which you’d want to linger on. Because this 116 min experience does not move. It flows! and that’s the beauty of the film. Don’t try to reason the plot with logic otherwise because it’s beautifully wrapped with gloom, warmth and momentous happiness. You may choose to go for a movie for the actor, music or the director. But seldom does one choose to witness cinema for the writer and Juhi Chaturvedi is that writer. She’s the absolute star for this one and she respectfully earns the spot for bringing soothing 70 mm experiences to the audience. For the lovely storyline and for the mere sacredness of finding genuine relationships, “October” is a definite watch! #october #bollywood

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