Padmaavat – A Rajputana Testimony

And with that the dichotomy of Rajputana has been established to its true meaning. When hundreds of modern day ‘Rajputs’ damaged and vandalised public property and threatened to take human lives (and noses if I may add), there was one non-Rajput who safeguarded the story of what shall be one of the bravest communities of India. Take a bow Sanjay Leela Bhansali because “Padmaavat” will be remembered for its victory off-screen more than in it’s cinematic domain. There is not a single frame where pride and honour does not ooze and every moment in the film is a testimony to the warrior community. While Ranveer Singh will catch your attention with his antics and much-worked-upon character, Shahid Kapoor’s balanced and calm demeanour coupled with Deepika’s subtle approach weaves a perfect mood fabric for the audiences. Look forward to Jim Sarbh’s performance because he catalyses the toning of the movie. With a 2 hour 45 min run time, Padmaavat is still a crisp and on-point story telling. If there is a Rani Padmaavati somewhere in the heavens, there’ll be a water droplet in the “Jauhar Kund” because “Padmaavat” would only make her teary and proud for what she stood for and sad at the same time for what her people now stand for. For the brilliant performances, story-telling and most importantly to pay a well-deserved homage to the real Rajputs, Padmaavat is a definite and a more-than-once watch! #padmaavat #bollywood

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