Tiger Zinda Hai – A Tamed Timeline

Hype. Adrenalin. Rush. Jittery feels. Overflowing popcorns and Pepsis. Lights out. The sitar playing the YRF welcome tune. You know you’re in for a mayhem visual. 4:00 am shot in a foreign land. Violins in the orchestra. The heartbeat doesn’t succumb to your cerebral signals to calm down. You anticipate. You guess. You assume. You wonder. The build. These paraphrases more or less tell you what goes on in the audience’s minds and hearts when they enter YRF’s latest venture. Because you are just “Being Human” and await his presence. But much alike to the excitement of a kid who visits a Tiger’s cage just to find out he’s sleeping, you’ll be no different. Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to “Tiger Zinda Hai”. Yash Raj’s latest is something that you’ve had more expectations from but unlike it’s previous version, Tiger seems more tamed than anyone else. A 100 Cr mark would have shined if the grandeur called Salman Khan would have had a better entry scene. TZH is a dream sequence for a Bhai fan who’d say “Only Bhai can do this” by the end of the movie. Ali Abbas Zafar succeeds behind the screen by having an ensemble of a skilled team but more or less misses out out the on-screen charm built by “Ek Tha Tiger”. TZH brings a subtle angle of Indo-Pak collaboration which may never materialise but then who cares. It’s Bhai. With A1 action sequences and unchanged swag of Salman, Tiger Zinda Hai is a definite one time watch! #tigerzindahai #bollywood

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