The White Helmets – A Cringeworthy Narration

Have we ever wondered how we face pure optimism, respond to unwavering hope and react to subdued helplessness? In all honesty, I have no answer to that and it’s pretty safe to assume most of us won’t. Our regularities, opportunities and privileges will never allow us to be in the shoes of those who are fighting the odds just to see the bright rays of sun. Possibly, the only lifelong dream (if life is indeed that long for them) they have is survival. But if you wish to seek the true definition of hope, strength and courage, do yourself a favour and watch the award-winning “The White Helmets”. A documentary which captures the daily life of a civilian team which helps out the needy ones in Syria. They’re inexperienced, naive at rescue operations but rock solid with their intent and mission. Director Orlando Von Einsiedel captures a heart wrenching visual which compels us to contemplate about the liberties we are blessed with and the convenience of our safe and ‘happy’ lives. Because there’s no way we can imagine the plight of the people in Syria; we can’t understand what it feels like to see a 1 week old baby trapped in the debris after an airstrike. To feel the palpability of the blessed life we have and to express a genuine despair for humanity, “The White Helmets” is a documentary not to be missed. #thewhitehelmets

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