A Death In The Gunj – A tale well told!

A mellow Sunday afternoon. A cup of coffee. A cane chair in the balcony. A light breeze and a book in the hand. Sounds like a perfect Sunday recipe. On the onset, one doesn’t feel like there’s anything extraordinary about such an afternoon. But it’s the feel, the mood, the tenor of time passing by which makes us want to hold on to the moment. And if you had to draw a parallel to this scenario in the cinematic world, Konkana Sen Sharma will be able to help you out with her directorial debut. A cinematically appealing “A Death In The Gunj” is a tale setup in 1970s which talks about an uneventful week spent in McCluskieganj by a group of friends which eventually turns out to be a tempestuous episode. The charm of the movie lies in the simple yet gripping method of storytelling and there’s no way the retro feel of the movie will wear off. You have to give it to the production team for creating an atmosphere of a tale and not just cinema in the hall. Honey Trehan lines up a powerful cast leaving no gaps or misses in the overall production value. Vikrant Massey is perpetually undeviating from his character making this an important milestone for him. Full marks to Konkana Sen Sharma for not overdoing this in anyway and keeping it right and real for us. Her direction has her personality and you can only appreciate the build up once you walk out of the hall. For the love of good cinema and appreciating a good production, “A Death In The Gunj” is a definite watch. #adeathinthegunj

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