Have you found yourself in situations where you’ve been involuntarily staring at a spot with a not-so-appealing expression? I bet we all have had moments like that. It’s probably one of the most bland emotions you go through because…well…it just happens. It’s a “Meh” of emotions. It really wouldn’t matter to your conscious or subconscious mind whether this emotion existed. But somewhere we all find ourselves caught in the act. And if you’ve booked tickets to Dinesh Vijan’s latest “Raabta”, set yourself for a ~3 hour stare state. Raabta finds itself in a spot where it becomes a good-to-stare-at movie from a good-to-watch film. A movie which has hard-working actors but brittleness in its story-telling. With a decent start and a first half, the plot looses balance once it enters 2nd half. Despite the shakiness of the production, Sushant Singh Rajput’s hard work is evident and you feel he’s taking one step at a time. Rajput and Sanon’s chemistry is a saving grace and both put up a satisfying performance as a pair. Jim Sarbh’s talent and work goes under utilised and the Neerja actor looks a bit struggling in the plot. One can safely say that this is not the best of the productions by Maddock but for the love of new actors and their hard work, Raabta is a good one-time watch! #raabta

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