Hindi Medium

On a sunny day when regularity was at its peak and people were busy in their monotonous lives, a devilishly charming personality passed by. Spellbound by his beguiling traits, people couldn’t help but approach and embrace him. The magnetic persona of this individual created quite a stir and within no time, a mob was formed. In fact, you and I were in the same mob! We saw each other embracing this person. But wait! The story isn’t done. Besides this mob of people like us, there was one more person. He observed the commotion and quietly approached this charming man; held his hand and started walking. Perplexed at the gesture, the man asked “Where are you taking me?” The other man, more commonly known as Saket Chaudhary, smiled and replied “I know who you are. You are deceit. And I am here to take you to school. Or should I say to a हिंदी medium स्कूल”. Your farcical interests, unabated deceitfulness and sheer insensitivity will be all there on that big screen when Saket Chaudhary will tell you a wonderfully scripted “Hindi Medium”. The beauty of this cinematic satire is that it converges multiple messages in a visual experience best known to us. Irrfan Khan and Deepak Dobriyal will show you the subtle equilibrium of tenacity, emotions and artistry by their organically natural performances. For your own enlightenment or a mere reminder of your moral ignorance, Hindi Medium is a definite watch! #hindimedium

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