Have you been to the Lotus temple in Delhi? In case you haven’t, here’s something you should know about it. The temple has a certain enigma to it which will only grow on you as you walk the aisles. It’s personality is such that it’s dauntingly exquisite but at the same time hauntingly peaceful. But here’s the most interesting/amazing part. As soon as you sit inside, you succumb to self musing and get engulfed by the strong trance-generating vibes. You also give in to the fact that how all religions are so beautiful and that all of them have something unique to offer. Vishal Bhardwaj’s latest venture is no different than this stimulating experience. Rangoon has its own enigma. It offers you a complete visual experience of a multi-faceted cinema. It is (like any other VB’s movies) poetic in nature. It has the nonchalant-ness of a Nazm and the scintillation of a Shlok. Absolutely high on production value, Rangoon makes a fantastic ocular treat. And while Kangana reigns with her presence, Shahid Kapoor’s controlled performance makes him the star of the show. For the production, subject and a unique story-telling, Rangoon is a definite watch. #rangoon

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