As the sun bid adieu to the daylight, a young night was getting prepared for an opera. An opera that was never witnessed before. As the night suited up as the conductor, it became anxious; the trepidation was piling on and the nervousness of performing reached its peak. Meanwhile, the orchestral prelude began. The monotone of hasty feet rushing to the hall & the squeaking of chairs in unison led to an exciting overture to the opera. Bodies sunk in chairs, hearts racing and pupils shrinking. Lights Out! The night took a deep breath and gestured to begin. And as the orchestra built the notes of excitement, the 3 worded maestro queued up to take the melody to a next level; the maestro called Shah Rukh Khan. Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to the night of Raees! The 161 min plot is a melancholy and conventionally told story which is pulled right out of the ditches by Shah and the pundit, Nawazuddin Siddique. Raees is the musical piece which witnesses grandioso (when SRK shows up) and grazioso (when Nawaz comes up). The on-screen tussle between these two men is a treat to watch and there is no moment of distraction when the two fight it out with their high voltage dialogues. Nawazuddin Siddique is the force required to put Raees to a respectable spot. That being said, Raees disappoints behind the camera and converging the faults in technicalities to Shah would be unfair. All in all, for the rawness of SRK, the stalwart-ness of Nawaz and their impeccable on-screen contest, Raees is a definite watch. #raees

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