In a distant village, a blacksmith was at work. Considered to be one of the finest, he gained popularity in neighbourhoods because of the quality of his products. One fine day, the people of the village asked him “Can you make a weapon which can be used swiftly but yet lethal?” The blacksmith smiled and walked away. After a few months, he came back. The excited crowd gathered around to witness the finest work of this man. There was noise and cheer all around. The man was asked “Where is the weapon”. The blacksmith smiled and replied “I made two!”. He gestured towards the curtain……… and out came a fine Fatima Sana Shaikh and an eloquent Sanya Malhotra. Yup. Welcome to Dangal! Aamir Khan is no less than a blacksmith who uses faith, belief and knowledge to forge the talented debutants into fine wrestlers. Dangal is exactly like the sand of an Akhaada. Raw, simple but smooth and indispensable. And while Aamir Khan’s wholesome performance is amazing, its the girls who steal the show. Mukesh Chhabra is the striker to the blacksmith who has nailed it with his casting. For the tribute to Geeta and Babita Phogat, commendable debut performance by the girls and spot on casting, Dangal is a definite watch! #dangal

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