Champagne. One of those rare things in the world which has the luxury of flaunting its extremely contrasting behavioural traits but still being accepted as a key celebratory element. When its in the coupe it’s graceful, sparkling and ummm posh or should I say “Classic”. But when the muselet un-cages the cork and it flows out profusely from the bottle, it’s wild, unstoppable and crazy or should I say “Befikre”. Because YRF’s latest is no less than a bottle of a classic champagne which celebrates you, your long-lost immaturity and the crazy love-encounters you wish you had. Blame it on Aditya Chopra who doesn’t fail to bring the YRF madness (and if you watch this one closely you’ll find hints of DDLJ) on screen again. Ranveer Singh is unblemished, outstanding and more or less owned the title of the movie. But it’s the champagne – Vaani Kapoor who’ll impress you equally with her energy, charm and intensity. Wait for the sequence where they dance for the last time and you’ll see a Vaani Kapoor you’ve never seen. Kaname Onoyama and Vaibhavi Merchant have indeed held Befikre with their work behind the scenes and you should take a moment to celebrate their talents. For the brilliant lead performances, YRF’s trademark fantasy storyline and Aditya Chopra’s comeback as a director, Vous devriez certainement regarder ce film #befikre

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