Dear Zindagi

Chai while watching the rains soak the city, a light jacket right before the winters set in, a deep breathe in the middle of a hectic day, that little piece of extra cheese in your recipe and a hand in hand while having a conversation. Feeling cosy already? Yes. That’s exactly what these things are meant for. They don’t change your life; in fact they don’t even change the regularity of it. But their subsistence tones and soothes us. Their mere presence etches beauty from the monotony. And if all of this still doesn’t make sense, book a ticket for the brilliant Gauri Shinde’s “Dear Zindagi”. In 150 mins, Gauri captures the sheer pragmatism of our daily lives. Dear Zindagi will not give you a life-changing dramatic takeaway because its beyond the realms of entertainment we, as Indians, are used to. It merely shares a worthwhile perspective on our relationships, our insecurities and hope. Alia Bhatt’s mature performance is endearing to see and it’s only complimented by the subtle Shahrukh-ness. The conversations between them act as a mild counselling session for us and both these actors take the plot to the level it deserves. If you are to enjoy this one, remove any pre-conceived notions you have about yourself or the movie. For the nonchalant storytelling, prudent characterization and more importantly to witness an upgrade in Indian cinema, Dear Zindagi is absolutely a definite watch. #dearzindagi

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