M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story

In a parallel world somewhere, god decided to replace all the materialistic stuff with human sentiments, traits, & talents.It was a busy day. A regular/normal one. In the market of peace, people were buying tranquility, negotiating for composure, trying to win free inspiration & trading their greed for a little content. The business was usual until one day a crowd gathered in the market. There was an evident stir & hustle. The owner of composure’s shop asked his neighbor, “What’s happening?” And just when the other person was about to reply, a loud announcement was made: “Ladies & Gentlemen, Please welcome your new mayor & the rightful keeper of this market…….. Mahendra Singh Dhoni”. Because after watching Neeraj Pandey’s “MS Dhoni – The Untold Story”, you’d only wish the above story was for real. From a Ranchi boy to the captain of the Indian National Cricket team, Dhoni has indeed come a long way & truly embodies the values of a virtuous sportsman. The 190 min biopic (minus a couple of song sequences) is absolutely revering to experience & will race your heart despite knowing the turn out of the events. Sushant Singh Rajput – *snapping* Withing the first 35 seconds of his appearance, this actor will tell you that there is no better contemporary than him to play the Indian captain on screen. His body language, gestures & personality soak you in a belief that he is actually the captain of Team India. It’s not imitation. Its pure ‘scrupulousness’, consistency & impeccability of SSR that makes this movie a fine cinematic piece of work. For the love of our captain & for the mind-blowing lead performance by Rajput, “M.S Dhoni – The Untold Story” is a brilliant watch! #msdhonitheuntoldstory

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