Wrong Side Raju

At first, a marathon seems like an easy sport/event. It’s just running for a longer duration & distance. But if you dig deep into its technicalities you realize there’s so much more to this sport than what meets the eye. The training, the routine & the judgement is far too different than a sprinter’s regime. For eg a marathon runner trains himself/herself to develop slowt-twitch muscle fibers which are highly resistant to fatigue. And you cannot simply take this analogy out of your mind when you see a cinematic marathoner like Cineman, with it’s latest, Wrong Side Raju. This 140 min plot maintains the production house’s consistency with its story, production value & characters (& having a French reference). Wrong Side Raju is a definite & a progressive step in the world of Gujarati cinema & Cineman tells you they are here to stay & that fatigue is out of question. Mikhil Musale makes a formidable directorial debut & reckons the bets & trust placed on him. If you are to enjoy this one, make sure you experience it in its completeness & not just in its elemental execution. With Wrong Side Raju, Gujarati cinema is stretching its arms & flexing some muscle in the film arena. All in all Wrong Side Raju is nothing but Zindabad Re! #wrongsideraju

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