Have you had a 5-star lately? The chocolate. Now Cadbury’s 5-star has a very typical characteristic. If you cool it in the refrigerator, it becomes a bit too hard & makes you dig in to have it. If you leave it out in the open for long, it becomes messy. But you have it at the room temperature & boom it’s Christmas. That way it becomes mushy & gooey & ‘zhueyymueey’ in the mouth. You just enjoy sliding your tongue on the ceiling of your canines & incisors to get every viscous drop of that melted chocolate. Perhaps Anupam Sharma was going through this when he decided to direct the wonderful & easy-going “Unindian”. Because this one is simply lovable & mouth watering. The dark & gorgeous Tannishtha Chatterjee weaves a very adorable chemistry with the fair & handsome Brett Lee & mind you the latter will bowl you over & stump you with his acting skills. Anupam Sharma takes a satirical dig at the traditional conflict between generations when it comes to marriage, love & life but ensures it’s soft on your eyes. Unindian makes a perfect weekend recipe with humor, sweetness & drama all mixed in good proportions. If you had a heavy week & would like a quick & an easy escape, a definite-watch Unindian will not disappoint you! #unindian

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