Here’s an interesting theory. I am sure a lot of us (including myself) have always believed that Anacondas… Yes Anacondas kill their prey by squeezing them & rupturing the bones first or suffocate the prey & then swallow them. But Bill Heyborne, a herpetologist at Southern Utah University, has a different finding on this notion. According to him, the Anaconda’s insanely muscly constriction, overwhelms the circulatory system. The blood simply does not reach the brain & the prey dies of ischemia. Dear Mr. Heyborne. If today you took a vote on your theory, I’d gladly raise both my hands and say “I agree”. Not because I am an aspiring herpetologist (I didn’t know the term before I wrote this), but because I experienced a similar phenomenon called “Rustom” & that how ‘Anacondic’ can Neeraj Pandey get. The 150 min plot is nothing less but a powerful constriction of Tinu Suresh Desai’s story-telling. And it works exactly like that snake. The first half lurks around your brain & heart and starts squeezing them with building of characters & questions. The 2nd half is when you start getting swallowed & before you know it (read it as climax), you’re too late to realize that Rustom Pavri’s tranquility has been holding you to that seat for a good 2 hours & you couldn’t do anything about it. Akshay Kumar is fantabulous & has cracked the code with Neeraj Pandey & his team. If you were amazed by “A Wednesday” & entertained by “Special 26”, then a brilliant & a must-watch “Rustom” shall make you feel both. #rustom #bollywood

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