Ever been to an ‘Ittar’ shop? As soon as you enter, you see those gleaming little bottles of scintillating colors which instantly make you curious & happy. And after exchanging warm smiles the shopkeeper starts showing you the collection. He starts opening the cute little caps as you stretch your arm. First he rubs some musk on your rasceta. Then some khus at the back of your hand & then some mogra. With each fragrance you inhale, a certain color is painted on your mind & soul. And at one point, with all those lovely scents, your mind experiences a rainbow or should I say a “Dhanak”. Because watching Nagesh Kukunoor’s latest heart-warming plot is like inhaling a lot of sweet emotions & painting a beautiful cinematic experience for yourself. Hetal Gadda & Krrish Chhabria are sure to smite you with their delightful sibling chemistry & have put a wonderful performance. Nagesh Kukunoor’s story telling is easy on your hearts & leaves us happy. Experiencing Dhanak is like having “Sour Patches”. A little tangy, a little chewy, a little sour but a lot of sweetness! For the quest & for the lovely sister-brother bond, Dhanak is a definite- watch & is to be joyfully experienced! ‪#‎dhanak‬ ‪#‎bollywood‬

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