Udta Punjab

One fine evening, a man was invited to have dinner at a family’s place. After a few conversations, everyone proceeded to the dining table & the man made himself comfortable. He was excited about the menu for the evening. The family started serving the man. Methi Puri, Rawa Kheer, Apple Achaar, Murmur Dal & Mirchi Lassi. The sumptuous food was (may be) followed by Cocaine Paan! Wait… What? This menu sounds a bit weirdly abstract. Right? May be but it’s legit. The man invited was Abhishek Chaubey, the family was the alliance of Phantom & Balaji Motion Picutres & the menu is “Udta Punjab”. Abhishek Chaubey amalgamates the vivid genres of the two production houses by blending the rawness of Phantom & the ‘melodramatism’ of Balaji to create a 149 minute medium octane plot for you. The desolation caused by drugs in Punjab is projected via 3 parallel stories converging to a diluted climax sequence. And while Diljit Dosanjh makes a convincing debut, Alia Bhatt puts up an exemplary performance & steals the show. You have to give it to Honey Trehan for lining up a brilliant set of people who lift up the movie for the audience. For the controversy, for spectacular performances & most importantly for the potency of the subject, Udta Punjab is a definite watch! ‪#‎udtapunjab‬ ‪#‎bollywood

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