One night, after his bedtime story, a child asked his grandfather; “What is the most powerful thing on the earth dadaji?” At first the old man felt a bit strange. Then with a smile he said “Death”. The curious child’s eyes grew wide with more curiosity & asked “Why death?” Grandpa replied “Because no one has ever escaped it. Everyone fears it. It is the only thing in this world which can equalize everything”. The child now really into this conversation asks “Has anyone ever defeated death?” The old man says “None but one! He was a no one to a struggler to a performer to an actor to a star to a superstar to an icon & eventually a phenomenon. His name was……….” *cut to reality* Where does mortality really stand for someone who is done with half his life, emulates hard work & passion & yet carries the zest to entertain people? At 50 he hustles like a 25. His performance is showing muscle to the younger generation. And your heart shall only weave the above emotions as you go through Yash Raj’s “FAN”. The phenomenon called Shah Rukh Khan yet again delivers a brilliant performance in the character of Gaurav. With a mediocre storyline, Fan entertains you with the antics of the superstar. His infectious energy & his hunger to entertain still remain the pith of his stardom. The movie keeps the entertainment quotient high in the hall & you would come out smiling out of it. All in all if you are a Fan, you wouldn’t mind watching it twice, if you aren’t then it’s ok becuase “Tu Nahin Samjhega smile emoticon” ‪#‎fan‬ ‪#‎bollywood

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