The “Tug of War” is a game of human muscle & physical strength. It’s a game where two teams are pulling a rope with the goal being to get that (generally red) rag in your own turf. Interestingly, the Oxford dictionary says that the phrase originally meant “A severe contest of supremacy”. Almost all of us have either played it or watched it from the sidelines. *Rubbing Hands* So. Now that we know what this game is, let me introduce the teams for today’s game of Tug Of War. To your left is Shabana Azmi with courage, unflinching morale & her unquestionable optimism in her team. And to your right is Jim Sarbh with obsession, vulnerability & ruthlessness backing him up. And unfortunately ….. the prize for this “contest” ……*sighs* will be the sweet, heart warming & simple, Neerja. And like it or not, the rope on which all of these will fight on is your heart. In a gripping two hour plot, Neerja will immerse you in a world of emotions. From smiles to frustration to tears, the intensity of the plot remains unparalleled. The best part about Ram Madhvani’s storytelling is the un glorification of any event or human emotion. Sonam Kapoor & Jim Sarbh put up a more-than-promising performance & an on-screen tussle which is undoubtedly believable & gradually appealing. But it’s the plausibility, succinctness & the realism of Shabana Azmi which justify those tissues more than anything else. It is perhaps her prowess as an actress which justifies the monologue in the end which will undeniably stir you from the gut. For her incomparable leadership in the times of distress, for the optimism & brave parental portrayal & for her selflessness & kindness, “Neerja” is a must-watch. ‪#‎neerja‬ ‪#‎bollywood‬

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