You clicked a picture. Now you want to Instagram it. As you browse through different filters you feel the picture shouldn’t have any & that it looks great just the way you clicked it. You contemplate once more before posting because you aren’t simply used to posting anything without ‘enhancing’ it. But you like the simplicity, modesty & ‘unadulteration’ of it & finally you decide to post it. In fact you also add the hashtag “‪#‎nofilter‬”. Rarely do we experience a similar emotion via the 70 mm screen. But Raja Menon has set the tone for 2016 with a much-needed & a ‘nofilter’ Airlift. The story of the largest evacuation operation in the history of mankind might find itself in turbulent times of our country. But the aptness couldn’t be more justified. Airlift is not our entertainment. It’s the quintessential & an imperative preface to a story we should be knowing & celebrating. It reflects the modesty & humbleness of India on the screen. Akshay Kumar propels the emotional wave with his natural performance. The Khiladi enjoys “Being Indian” in his movies & there’s no denial he’s doing a fantastic job at it. In a storm of people susceptible to the negativity & apprehensions towards our government, make sure you take sometime to celebrate its achievements & efforts for India’s people by grabbing a ticket to a must-watch Airlift. ‪#‎airlift‬ ‪#‎bollywood

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