The Danish Girl

Ever wondered why do you like to sit at the beach watching the waves & the sea? Or just gaze at the view from the top of a hill/peak? For the longest time you are captivated by the serenity & the enormity of the vista. We feel peaceful, thinking there is no discomposure. But if you closely observe, you’ll find yourself in a paradox. The sea / the hill; these essentially disturb you peacefully. It’s because they untether all the thoughts which eventually vanish in colossal natural elements. And if you wish to experience this phenomena without traveling to any of these places, grab a ticket to Tom Hooper’s “The Danish Girl”. With a slow yet firm screenplay, The Danish Girl puts the idea of “finding your identity” in a much more eloquent way than we think otherwise. Eddie Redmayne seems to be riding beasts with character performances being his whip. From a suave & elegant Einar to a graceful & poignant Lily, he transforms himself flawlessly. Alicia Vikander is a revelation & puts up a gratifying performance as well. The chemistry between these two is powerful & poised which makes the movie gripping & a treat to watch. If you are looking to start 2016 with a worthy cinematic experience, The Danish Girl shall not disappoint you. ‪#‎thedanishgirl‬ ‪#‎hollywood‬

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