Final 15 mins left – Invigilator gives the warning – A bunch of answers still to be written in the exam. What do you do? You roll up your sleeves & snort imaginary cocaine. You think less and write more. More than what you could have covered in last 30 mins. All of us have been there and done that. All including this larger-than-life man called Shah Rukh Khan. Dilwale is one of those answers written by him in his last phase of examination. It’ll take a long time for someone to be at 50 & romance the way this man does. If you have an awkward filter applied to your profile picture with “MaH AtTitude izz MaH PASssion!!!” photoshopped on it,then Dilwale is for you. The only other reason is obvious & trivial. Shah Rukh – Kajol can still sizzle the screen with their undying chemistry. For a 90s kid, a Raj – Simran pair will always top Romeo – Juliet & Dilwale will not disappoint you in that aspect. The only other pair which can hold your attention is that of Jhonny Lever & Sanjay Mishra. These veterans aren’t aging. At least not their talents. If you ‘disliked’ or ‘hated’ Dilwale, it is essentially your fault. You shouldn’t expect anything special from a brainless entertainer. You don’t choose a cactus as a pillow when you’re sleeping in a desert (Yes. Random line for a random movie). SRK has got his premium covered from this and there’s no reason or way he could be written off. If you’re a nut-case fan of his, Dilwale is your responsibility and not entertainment. If you aren’t, then you aren’t missing out on anything. ‪#‎dilwale‬ ‪#‎bollywood

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