Once upon a time, in a land far far away, a lonely heart decided to meet the emotional elements of the human body. So it threw a party and invited everyone. The first ones to enter were the feelings. And while they were bonding & co-existing merrily, the gut and instinct barged in; fashionably late. These two became the party starters. They would pull all the others on the dance floor. They would lead the ruckus. And the heart finally felt right about everything. This is not a story. This is how Imtiaz Ali’s body functions. Almost all filmmakers would give you a product of formulae aka movies but Imtiaz Ali relentlessly delivers a product of instinct aka experiences. And yet again he delivers an immersive experience in the name of Tamasha. From Corsica to Delhi to Tokyo, its almost as if Ali is holding your hand and taking you with him. The feel good plot may not be an out-of-the-box one, but the storytelling definitely makes it compelling and intriguing. Tamasha cannot be watched like any other movie because it won’t hit you directly. It’s symbiotic in nature and you’ll have to allow it to grow on you. Ranbir Kapoor leaves behind the upsets and shows the audience that his appetite for success and hard work just got bigger and better. His adept performance catapults the movie to a deserving height. Ravi Varman’s cinematography cruises the plot nicely making it an eye-soothing cinematic experience. If you’re to enjoy this one, make sure you carry some of your madness with you in the hall and try to align it with Imtiaz Ali’s madness. Why always the same story? Find it out for yourself in the brilliantly told & must-watch Tamasha! ‪#‎tamasha‬ ‪#‎bollywood‬

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