You walk into a Zara or a Forever 21 & pick up an exorbitant outfit for your next party. Everything seems to be great. You are all dressed & are about to enter the party when unexpectedly there’s a steep fall in your elation because you suddenly question the aptness of that outfit. Yet, you wear a smile & enter the party. And to your imagination, your worst fears come true. It just doesn’t look appealing. This phenomena of having a sudden realization/vibe is termed as Shaandaar. So the next time something like this happens, you can tell your friends “Arey yaar Shaandaar ho gaya…!” The glittering, glitzy & glamorous Shaandaar witnesses a naive & glitch-y screenplay which doesn’t amuse the audience. If there was a song associated to screenplays, this one’s would remind you of “Ruk Ruk Khaye Jhatke… Why does this thing Atke”. The simplicity of a rom-com is what brings a smile but Shaandaar unfortunately over-simplifies. Shahid Kapoor’s studly screen presence & a few musical tracks might keep you to your seats. That being said, the star needs to take a difficult call between doing a boy’s movie v/s a man’s cinema. The grandeur of the sets & locations fail to override the bland dialogues & unimpressive writing (screen,story,etc). Vikas Bahl might walk into Dharma, Phantom & Fox & yell “I told you!”. All said Shaandaar shouldn’t be a reason to write-off the talented makers & performers & thus for the love for movies, it is a one-time watch. ‪#‎shaandaar‬ ‪#‎bollywood‬ ‪

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