Gujjubhai The Great

If you are a Gujju born in 90s, don’t be surprised if your parents/elders fancy Shahabuddin Rathore more than Virdas or Kapil Sharma. Try not finding yourself dumbfounded in a gathering if you hear Gujarati jokes in a different dialect. Because it is indeed surprising (& a bit shameful on our part) to realize that the comedy culture in Gujarat goes back a long way. Perhaps the urban crowd today is in a long-distance relationship with the comicality of this serious business. But the gears are shifting & cult movies like Bey Yaar & others are reducing the proximity between the art & the crowd. And one such game changer is “Gujjubhai The Great”. Loaded with artists who are sculpted by theatrical chisel, the film is anything but talent-less. The movie goes all out to work on your abs & facial cheeks to leave you in splits. Veteran Siddharth Randeria & Jimmit Trivedi leave no stone unturned in putting up a class A performance. Dipna Patel makes a formidable presence as well. The awkwardly wonderful chemistry between Hasmukh Gandhi & Bakul Buch creates the soul of the film & you never get enough of them. Devendra Patel has placed his bets on the right people & story which has indeed added another feather in the emerging urban Dhollywood industry. All in all if you looking at a light & fun-filled evening, then you’re definitely in for much more because GujjuBhai is indeed a Great watch. #gujjubhaithegreat #dhollywood

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