5 Broken Cameras (Documentary)

Your first few walks, your first few toys, the moments when you were being pampered, the vacations & your family. For a father of a 4-year old, these would probably be some of those emotional souvenirs from your early childhood he must have captured in his camera. But Emad Burant’s camera(s) has something completely different to give to his 4 year old Gibreel. Gunshots, people smothered with tear gas, the autocracy of the military & sadly death as well. Because life in Bil’in (a Palestinian village) is more about survival than living. “5 Broken Cameras” offers a painfully beautiful picture of the people of this village & their unconquerable spirit. Emad’s each camera has a story to tell & a perspective to offer. After almost 30 minutes into this documentary, you realize the camera is not merely a lens which has captured the human realities, but has also been an armour for Emad & his friends/family. In what seems to be a heartless-by-nature v/s resilient-by-brutal-force fight, Emad’s lenses have magnificently captured the quintessential human emotions & survival instincts. In a country where we fight for reservations, etc, a must-watch piece like “5 Broken Cameras” will ask us the inevitable question; “What are we REALLY fighting for?”#documentaries #5brokencameras

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