Manjhi – The Mountain Man

Sholay, Andaz Apna Apna, Rockstar & Lakshya. What do these 4 films cult have in common? Precisely the mistake you observed in the wording of that question. A mistake which audiences committed when they watched these movies for the first time. Because on the onset these were just 4 films which achieved a cult status later on. And perhaps a historical trend like this will inflict you with a fear-relief emotion as you walk the aisle & take the exit after Manjhi – The Mountain Man. Ketan Mehta’s directorial venture may impress you but not necessarily inspire. Because capturing a 22- year long battle between a human & a mountain without diluting the unflinching realism of the story is tricky. The anecdotal nature of screenplay leaves the audience unsettled & restless. But it is the relentless Nawazuddin Siddique who keeps the plot rolling. With every hit on a stone/rock he conveys two stories; one of Dashrath Manjhi’s & the other his own. The resolve which Manjhi & Siddique share are very palpable & ingrained. His struggles have reacted with his undying resilience to form the much-needed on-screen pragmatism in modern Hindi cinema. Radhika Apte’s performance & her courageous selection of films are hinting towards the next “Tabu” in making! The zigzag storytelling may refrain you from buying tickets but for the love for Nawazuddin Siddique, Manjhi is definitely “Shaandar – Zabardast – Zindabad” #manjhithemountainman #bollywood

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