Try doing this! Close your eyes. Loosen up, relax & go blank. Concentrate & sustain this calmness for a couple of more minutes. Somewhere in a corner of this calmness rang a temple bell. And while you’re still caught up with its sonority, somewhere a deep & dominant sound of fire arises because of the fiery woods engulfing a mortal. And now take a dip in deep waters & experience the sound of silence. Come up & slowly open your eyes. Welcome to the directorial brilliance – Masaan! In case you have an exam on ‘inevitability’, make sure your tutor is Neeraj Ghaywan or Varun Grover & your text book is this cinematic beauty. Because creating a visual saga where endearing parallel stories converge with utmost simplicity calls for confident artistry & the two exemplify this magnificently in Masaan. Sanjay Mishra’s truthful performance adds to the realism of the plot. The veteran’s work is nicely complimented by Richa Chadda’s justly portrayal of a small town girl fighting hypocrisy & moral struggles. Fantastic debutants Vicky Kaushal & Shweta Tripathi will make sure their chemistry bring a genuine smile on your face. Mukesh Chabbra might just be beaming when he was casting these two because both these actors manage to create a perfectly contrasting set of emotions as compared to Sanjay Mishra & Richa Chadda. Allahabad, Benaras & Ganga co-direct the plot with Neeraj Ghaywan & truly give us a beautiful picture of small town happenings & its culture. Be ready to spend double on your tickets because a cinematic experience like Masaan should be watched two times; once alone & twice with someone! ‪#‎masaan‬‪#‎bollywood‬

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