Bajrangi Bhaijaan

An old couple feeling the heat, a group of young friends smiling at each other, a group of well-built guys eyeing the crowd. It’s hot,humid & filled with people. You don’t get parking space because people have arrived earlier than expected. All you ever wonder is why? Why on a Monday night? And before you can come up with a believable rationale, the answer – “Sabki Aan – Sabki Shaan – Sabka Ek Bhaijaan!” flashes in your head in bold leaving no space for your fandom for other stars. Lights out – Pop-corn/Samosas in hand & blink-less eyes.You are at the epitome of being exhilarated. You are waiting for him to enter & you want to know how will that happen and then……. SCREEEEEEEECCHHH! *dramatic pause* What happened? Did someone just pull the chain to your train of emotions? Of course yes. Because an angel figure no older than 7-8 years & no taller than 4 ft just floored your excitement. Enter Harshaali Malhotra! Within the first 5 mins, this bundle of cuteness convinces the audience that Salman Khan may be the dinosaur you came to see but she owns this attraction. Even the toughest of Dabanggs who came to get their Kick could not resist but applaud this wonderful artist’s rendition. And thus unfolds the much-awaited Bajrangi Bhaijaan! The essence of how one should not leave people during their tough times is well told by the two central characters. Salman does a fabulous job by not being a superstar & by toning down his stardom to bring in the succinct character. Nawazuddin Siddique yet again proves that he does not require any certificate from the stalwarts in this industry to thrill his audience. Mukesh Chabbra’s meticulous casting & Aseem Mishra’s soothing cinematography add quintessential & remarkable value to Kabir Khan’s story-telling. For the wonderful performances, for the soul-stirring story & for breath-taking Kashmir, this one is a definite watch because this is not by Bhai… this is by Bhaijaan! #bajrangibhaijaan #bollywood

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