Inside Out

Ever wondered how many times you’ve bumped into old stuff which puts your cleaning to halt & all you do after looking at it is smile, flip, laugh, wonder, ‘nostalg’,etc? Pixar is exactly like that old stuff of yours. It happens to you as if you were a kid but it’s more like a happy reminder for an adult. And its latest production is no different. “Inside out” is a heart-warming journey through & through which takes no time in strumming your emotional strings. Perhaps, on a scale of 1 to Pixar, it would be extremely difficult & rather bigoted to rate the imagination & storyboarding of this wonderfully executed film. Despite ’emotions’ being the centrifugal point, the makers haven’t shown any signs of triviality & have kept a very coherent & a logical approach to the plot. “Inside Out” reminds us about the simplicity of human behavior & serves us as a reminder that all these emotions have, will & most importantly should be symbiotically present within us. For the acknowledgement of sadness, happiness, anger, fear & disgust; and for a cognizant storytelling & adept execution, “Inside Out” is a definite & a must watch! #hollywood #insideout


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