When you have a positive & a bona fide intent, you tend to make the most unadorned stuff look miraculously alluring. And if you ask Disney India about how its done, they might just reply “ABCD it”. A screenplay for downright dancing fans, team ABCD-2 goes all out to entertain you with their fanatical skills leaving no stone unturned (on/off screen). In case you see yourself yawning in the first 15-20 mins, trust yourself it’s a trap. Because as the story progresses, formations become labyrinthine, intentions become stronger & the moves become invigorating. Seldom do we see the ‘Hero’ putting up with his background/supporting artists but Varun SURESH Dhawan says differently. He is not the ‘Hero’ of the film. He is as much as anybody else on screen. Shraddha adds a promising performance to her resume as well. The screenplay does witness force feeding of songs / dance sequences which causes a turbulent viewing experience. Having said this, the franchise never promised a heartwarming or a I-must-takeaway-something storytelling. It was always designed to & for the expression/love for dance. Not going overboard with a clichéd climax, the movie maintains its sanity & convenes itself into a definite entertainer. If you’ve ever danced or if you are someone who loves dancing to its purity, then ABCD-2 should leave you Bezubaan…… Phir se! #abcd2 #bollywood

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