Jurassic World (2015)

When the first ever Tyrannosaurus made an entry in 1993, it widened the eyes of every kid. There it was! The pristine anti-god right in front of your eyes. It was vulnerable, perilous & resilient. The enigmatic manners of the fossil reptiles along with the crew of unprepared humans created the epitome of tension. Come 2015 & you see a larger-than-life T-Rex & being tamed & dancing to the tunes of flimsy homo sapiens. A complete turn-off! Jurassic World does offer some new & rebellious dinos but fails to forge the tautness in the plot. Chris Pratt , Irrfan Khan & In-Gen come across as “regular scared” rather than looking petrified which was otherwise evident in Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler & John Hammond’s eyes. Surprise attacks from Velociraptors, ruthless devouring, timorous behavior & gutsy actions were the pride of this franchise. And these are scantily available in Jurassic World. Despite a softer plot & a in-haste screenplay, the movie has a brilliant set of dinosaurs to look at making it a definite attraction!

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