Bombay Velvet

If you get a string of frames where crude ambitions with raw lust for opulence & perennial conspiracies interlace with impeccable crescendo of trumpets in the background, what do you create? That’s right! An era of newly-independent India hustling with ‘Influencers’ & anti-socialists; an era where white collars outshone black deeds & an era where crime was more suave & sexy and less brutal & violent. Welcome to Bombay Velvet! The perfectly ‘CGI-ed’ backdrop creates a credible establishment to foster Johnny Balraj’s big shot dream & offers a charismatic collision with Rosie’s edgy life. What’s probably missing in this mammoth movie is the tightening of the screenplay (specially in the 2nd half) which would have made it gripping and would’ve raised more ‘oompphss’ or ‘yeaaahhs’ in the minds of the audience. Ranbir Kapoor is nifty but misses out (by an inch) on the ‘hunger’ which Emraan Hashmi had in OUATIM. If you go without any pre-conceived notions, then Karan Johar makes a formidable acting debut. But the star? Amit Trivedi. Pure brilliance who has managed to add favourable taste to the moods. All in all, this high-budget experiment of Anurag “Common Man’s Scorsese” Kashyap is definitely worth a watch! ‪#‎bombayvelvet‬ ‪#‎bollywood‬

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