15 years back RGV made a film called “Jungle”. While you may or may not be a fan of his movies, one special highlight of this one was the tension between the goons and Urmila Matondkar/Fardeen Khan. When your plot has a lot of hide-seek-chase-repeat sequences it has to keep the audiences on their toes. NH10 perhaps misses that edginess. If X-axis was direction & Y-axis was story/screenplay, NH10 would make a sine curve. A strong subject & a bold intent like NH10 misses out on a barbaric antagonist who’d make the women throw their ‘chappal’ on the screen. Where Anushka Sharma keeps the momentum going, you might not HATE Darshan Kumaar (at the most you’ll dislike him) or the other thugs. Despite the lack of knife-edge discourses & non-exciting storytelling, it would be safe to say Anushka’s Clean Slate Films has survived an ” almost miscarriage-d baby production “. That being said, it is a definite & a good move by the actress. Overall with the flaws / misses, NH10 is yet, a definite one-time watch! ‪#‎nh10‬ ‪#‎bollywood‬

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