Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

There’s a reason why it’ll always comes across as a breathe of fresh air. There’s a reason why something about it is hopelessly hopeful. And the reason is that in every other sequence, DDLJ brings your ideal life’s fantasy come alive on the the 70mm canvas. By the time Ruk Ja O Dil plays, the boy next door has answered the industry that he is undoubtedly the King ‘Shah Rukh’ Khan. He’s a culmination of a son, a lover, a friend or just a prankster you wanted to become at some point in your 90’s life. The love story finds a perfectly strong anti-hero in Amrish Puri who, with his stentorian voice, will bring justice to his righteous character. And by the time Tujhe Dekha plays, India has found its Romeo & Juliet in Raj & Simran. The veterans, Anupam Kher & Farida Jalal perfectly tone the plot with their dialogue deliveries & performance. With the threads of love, friendship, hope & purposefulness weaved into this fabric of timeless chronicle of romance, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge will make you fall in love (all over again)! ‪#‎ddlj‬ ‪#‎bollywood‬ ‪#‎1000weeksofddlj‬

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