How can one possibly come up with an idea of blending the concepts of astronomy, physics & human sentiments? Chirstopher Nolan weaves out a masterpiece plot to answer this. In case you’re planning to go for this one, it is strongly recommended you read about wormholes, relativity of time & blackholes. No. This doesn’t spill the story but it’ll only make your movie experience a lot more enjoyable. The beautifully executed script about space explorers & their race against time keeps you curious & excited for almost three hours. Yet again Hans Zimmer manages to catalyze the overwhelming inquisitiveness of the audience. And just when you think that the movie will end in a usual hero-saves-the-day tone, Chris Nolan will twist your brain & establish the fact that there’s no one better who could possibly get things back to a full circle. No wonder it has a 9.2 on IMDb. With a gripping story & a fantabulous story-telling, Interstellar is an absolute delight & a must watch! ‪#‎interstellar‬ ‪#‎hollywood‬

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