And the best performance goes to…… Lucknowi Kebabs & Hyderabadi Biryani. And why not? After all dowry & food go hand in hand! No? Well Daawate-E-Ishq has a different take on it. You wouldn’t realize when the nucleus of the movie changes from the traditional taboo of “bride price” to scrumptious food. Is it a sensitizing idea or is it a love story over cuisines? Habib Faisal tires hard to deliver both. However, the fictitious plot may leave you confused. You’d probably end up liking certain aspects of the movie (if not holistically). Aditya Roy Kapoor’s millisecond pauses right before critical dialogues make him fun & spontaneous. This Haidari does a good job of carrying his character. Parineeti Chopra & Anupam Kher could have been utilized more. It might turn out to be a simple and a one-time watch but Yash Raj, this Daawat is a bit unpalatable & bland! ‪#‎daawateishq‬ ‪#‎bollywood‬

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