Mary Kom

Almost. ALMOST! Its almost the best tribute Bollywood can give to a living legend – M.C Mary Kom. Its a bit disheartening & to be honest a bit shameful. Nope. Not the movie. But US. It took a Sanjay Leela Bhansali to tell us what this hero is made of. But its an ‘inch’ away from a perfect tribute. She did a fantastic job. Her hard work is reflected. But it’s that glamour baggage which Priyanka Chopra could not help but carry. There are instances of glamorous smiles, starry body language & a “not-so-mary-komish” aura. But her commitment & attitude to pull off a role of a 5 time world champion, should be given the rightful credit. Debutant Umang Kumar keeps the plot as grounded & inspirational as possible making this biography, a well told story. The father & the coach could have intensified their parts to scale the overall emotional quotient of the movie. You’d secretly wish that the movie should have been named – Magnificent Mary Kom. Because Manipur has indeed given us a magnificent lady and a champion athlete. ‪#‎marykom‬ ‪#‎bollywood‬

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