Gully Boy – A mic-drop saga!

“Confidence Outfit”: The attire which makes you feel strong right at the centre of your head and chest. The deal with confidence outfit is that it never wears out. It keeps you levelled and at your best. And perhaps, this lady was wearing the best of her confidence outfits when she embarked the journey of the ever-lasting “Gully Boy”. Take a bow Zoya Akhtar. You have single-handedly steered Hindi cinema to the driveway of exquisiteness. The 153 min world of Indian rap scene is authentic and a force to reckon with. Gully boy isn’t your average melodramatic inspirational film. The beauty lies when you realise that the movie doesn’t topple the lines of being endearing. Ranveer Singh is relentless and crafty and delivers his career-best (up until now). But Siddhant Chaturvedi! Oh boy. This man is a treasure find. His performance is on-point, staggering and strong to his character’s inner world. Karan Mally and Nandini Shrikent might just have wiped a happy tear. For the captivating worlds, immaculate characterzation, brilliant direction and ek number on-screen performances, Gully Boy is booooot harrrrdd to miss bhaaaaii. #gullyboy #bollywood


Sanju – Refurbished’?’

What’s common between a chorsa garland (ladi) bursting in parts – A slice of pineapple on a meaty pizza – A rock song playing in a sufi playlist – A ringing phone in the middle of a candle lit moment with your partner and a complaint amidst laughter? That’s right! All of them precisely have an exciting and a joyous premise setup but that one off-beat element spoils the fun! And if you are willing to experience such a situation, get a ticket to Rajkumar Hirani’s latest, ‘Sanju’. Because at it’s core, this 161 min ordeal is an editorial mishap. Moreover, in case someone asks your verdict about the movie, here’s what you may use: “A powerful figure ran a crowd-funding project to refurbish the image of an infamous criminal by on-boarding a talented actor”. Heart sinks and fingers ache as I write that Sanju, unfortunately doesn’t live upto what we witnessed in the trailer. And as much as we love Hirani, Chopra and Kapoor, you have to admit that the authors of this one made a personal favour for someone with an invitation to the Indian audiences who’d love the cover of this book. The key problem? The editing! Before you can relish, perceive, judge or make anything about Sanjay Dutt or any aspect of his life, the chapter and arrangements change which is unsettling. Sanju is not exactly the best of the works by these stalwarts. Ranbir Kapoor is outstanding in parts where he convinces by being baba. But the real winner? Vikram Gaekwad and Dr. Suresh Murkey who sold RK as Sanjay Dutt to you with their make up and prosthetic expertise. All in all when you leave the hall and move to the parking, there’ll be only one statement playing in your head and I quote – “Tum kya leke aaye they aur kya lekar jaaoge?” #sanju #bollywood

October – The Lingering Moment

A peppermint or a simple toffee! The idea behind enjoying any of these is to let them melt or move them a bit back and forth inside your mouth and let your taste buds gradually brush each layer of the sugary coat. If you chew them, it’s a total waste. That sweetness needs to linger. It’s like when you play a key on the piano, you want to get close to the space where the sound originates from and feel the ‘aftertune’. Shoojit Sircar’s “October” is that cinematic ‘aftertune’ which you’d want to linger on. Because this 116 min experience does not move. It flows! and that’s the beauty of the film. Don’t try to reason the plot with logic otherwise because it’s beautifully wrapped with gloom, warmth and momentous happiness. You may choose to go for a movie for the actor, music or the director. But seldom does one choose to witness cinema for the writer and Juhi Chaturvedi is that writer. She’s the absolute star for this one and she respectfully earns the spot for bringing soothing 70 mm experiences to the audience. For the lovely storyline and for the mere sacredness of finding genuine relationships, “October” is a definite watch! #october #bollywood

Padmaavat – A Rajputana Testimony

And with that the dichotomy of Rajputana has been established to its true meaning. When hundreds of modern day ‘Rajputs’ damaged and vandalised public property and threatened to take human lives (and noses if I may add), there was one non-Rajput who safeguarded the story of what shall be one of the bravest communities of India. Take a bow Sanjay Leela Bhansali because “Padmaavat” will be remembered for its victory off-screen more than in it’s cinematic domain. There is not a single frame where pride and honour does not ooze and every moment in the film is a testimony to the warrior community. While Ranveer Singh will catch your attention with his antics and much-worked-upon character, Shahid Kapoor’s balanced and calm demeanour coupled with Deepika’s subtle approach weaves a perfect mood fabric for the audiences. Look forward to Jim Sarbh’s performance because he catalyses the toning of the movie. With a 2 hour 45 min run time, Padmaavat is still a crisp and on-point story telling. If there is a Rani Padmaavati somewhere in the heavens, there’ll be a water droplet in the “Jauhar Kund” because “Padmaavat” would only make her teary and proud for what she stood for and sad at the same time for what her people now stand for. For the brilliant performances, story-telling and most importantly to pay a well-deserved homage to the real Rajputs, Padmaavat is a definite and a more-than-once watch! #padmaavat #bollywood

Mukkabaaz – The Kashyap Punch

When they hunt, their diving speeds can touch a 200 mph mark. When he threw punches, it was more or less comparable. Known for their alertness, falcons are ruthless and dominant as hunters. When he portrayed his character on screen, there was an indistinguishable vibe. Falcons have an amazing aerodynamic body which allows them to fly swiftly. His built was the human interpretation of the same. If you put a falcon and Vineet Kumar Singh in a single frame, perhaps you’ll see the same ‘predator’ because it’ll be fair and reasonable to say that Anurag Kashyap puts the ‘Baaz’ in ‘Mukkabaaz’. Phantom’s latest is an apropos punch-starter to Bollywood in 2018. The 38-yr old Vineet is formidable and real to an extent that his struggles to get this role are reflected in his eyes and the glabella lines on his forehead. With substantial debut performers coupled with the unrestrained Kashyap-ness, Mukkabaaz has everything you can expect from the stalwart director & Phantom films. At a certain point you may also feel you’re in the Gangs of Wasseypur environment minus any cuss words. Mukesh Chabbra’s habitual casting methodology sets the tone for the film and brings the required flavour. For the story and newcomer performances, Mukkabaaz is a definite watch! #bollywood #mukkabaaz

Tiger Zinda Hai – A Tamed Timeline

Hype. Adrenalin. Rush. Jittery feels. Overflowing popcorns and Pepsis. Lights out. The sitar playing the YRF welcome tune. You know you’re in for a mayhem visual. 4:00 am shot in a foreign land. Violins in the orchestra. The heartbeat doesn’t succumb to your cerebral signals to calm down. You anticipate. You guess. You assume. You wonder. The build. These paraphrases more or less tell you what goes on in the audience’s minds and hearts when they enter YRF’s latest venture. Because you are just “Being Human” and await his presence. But much alike to the excitement of a kid who visits a Tiger’s cage just to find out he’s sleeping, you’ll be no different. Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to “Tiger Zinda Hai”. Yash Raj’s latest is something that you’ve had more expectations from but unlike it’s previous version, Tiger seems more tamed than anyone else. A 100 Cr mark would have shined if the grandeur called Salman Khan would have had a better entry scene. TZH is a dream sequence for a Bhai fan who’d say “Only Bhai can do this” by the end of the movie. Ali Abbas Zafar succeeds behind the screen by having an ensemble of a skilled team but more or less misses out out the on-screen charm built by “Ek Tha Tiger”. TZH brings a subtle angle of Indo-Pak collaboration which may never materialise but then who cares. It’s Bhai. With A1 action sequences and unchanged swag of Salman, Tiger Zinda Hai is a definite one time watch! #tigerzindahai #bollywood

Jagga Jasoos – A Cinematic Donut

Remember the time you had a bad cough and you had a glass of warm water? The soothing effect going beyond your throat right through the oesophagus, the warmth induced in the body and that sigh after a sip! Ahhh It’s just so perfect. 2017 may be a bad filmy cough for the audiences, but a warm, gooey and an enthralling movie might just make up for it. Take a bow Anurag Basu, take a bow! Because “Jagga Jasoos” is that warm glass of water which will relieve, sooth and ease out the janta. The 180 min musical tale is nothing short of a contemporary genius which will transform into a classic and will be remembered for a long time. Anurag Basu’s vision for the movie, his story-telling and his idea of fantasy is unparalleled and comes with an exquisite timing and opportunity. That being said, the movie primarily belongs to Ravi Varman whose cinematography will make you go all gaga and drool over the characters and the story. But how do you do cease the overwhelming feeling at the irresistible presence of Ranbir Kapoor? The superstar walks into the movie only to own it and you’ll feel it within the first 5 mins of his performance. And this is only balanced fantabulously by Saswata Chatterjee. With its broadway-ish feels, Jagga Jasoos is a winner all the way. Don’t be a fool and grab a ticket now because this one is a ..wait for it…. must watch! #jaggajasoos